Chellaston Working Lives 2 - by Mick and Carol Appleby - £9.00 plus p&p

Chellaston and Medieval Alabaster - original by H Usher; updated by T L Malpass & G Keetley - £2.50 plus p&p

Chellaston Working Lives – by Carol and Mick Appleby - £8.00 plus p&p

Alabaster - by John Young - £7.00 plus p&p

Chellaston Recollections - Old Photographs of the Village - £1.00 plus p&p

Bob’s Collection – another photograph book from the collection of one of our late members £1.00 plus p&p

Early Allenton and its Environs – by Audrey D Longdon - £6.00 plus p&p

The Gresleys, A Family of Artists - by Audrey D Longdon - £10.00 plus p&p

All the above books may be obtained from

As well as the above, there are also the following documents -

Memories of Chellaston Village School in the 1940s  by  Val Beniston

The History of the Rose and Crown  by  Mick Appleby

A Walk around Chellaston in 1935  by  Ken Brown

Chellaston Brickworks  by  Tom Farnsworth